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After 30 years as a computer programmer in corporate America, I retired and started my own DJ business. I wanted to follow my heart by combining my lifelong love of music and my computer skills. We were the first local company to use computerized music and digital photography, which gave us a huge advantage early on.

For the next 12 years, I was a full time DJ and grew my DJ business (By Request Music Services). Finally in 2014, I retired as a full time DJ and created Medina DJs, a group of local DJ companies that share resources and co-operate rather than compete with each other. For you the client, this means an outstanding choice of services at more affordable prices!

PLANNING A CELEBRATION?  -  you're in the right place!  -  Here's why:

Value - We encourage you to shop around. You will find we offer the most competitive prices in Medina.

Experience - It's the best teacher. After hundreds of weddings, parties and corporate events, we're getting pretty good at this!

Diversity - We have three DJs with different skills (photography dance instruction), different personalities and different ages.

Sensitivity - You and your guests want to relax and have fun. We will help make that happen without becoming too loud or intrusive.

Security - We bring backup equipment to protect against a technical failure that might spoil the fun.

Selection - With a computerized catalog of over 20,000 songs, we can satisfy nearly any request within seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge? - Our prices range from $150 to $900 and are negotiable.

What Kind Of Music Do You Play? - We play all kinds of music and we match the music to our audience - cocktail music at cocktail time, dinner music at dinner time, dance music at dance time.

How Do You Dress? - We have a simple guideline: be as well-dressed as the best-dressed guest. For weddings, this usually means a tuxedo, for parties it can mean a suit or dressy casual.

How Early Do You Arrive? - We like to begin setting up 2 hours prior to the official start time. Early arrival and setup is included as part of our prices.

Do You Require A Deposit? - You need a simple $25 deposit to book us.

When Is The Balance Due? - You can pay the balance anytime before the event begins, including the same day of the event.

Do You Take Requests? - Of course, that's how we got our name. Best of all, we know how to reject inappropriate requests without insulting your guests!

Do you take breaks? - We don't take breaks, but we do pause the music at times when it would interfere with the ceremonies. Also, we intentionally keep the music in the background at times.

Can You Provide Music For My Wedding Ceremony? - Yes, we can provide ceremonial music and a microphone and PA system for your wedding.

Can We See You Perform Ahead Of Time? - Yes, but we need to negotiate this on a case by case basis. You can usually sneak a quick peak without crashing someone else's event, but we always like to get the OK first from our client.

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